My name is Ivan Trajchev and if you have been looking for a Conversion Rate Optimization Expert (Complete Funnel Oriented) in B2C, B2B (SaaS, Agency & Enterprise), then you have landed in the right place.


My Experience

Started as Direct Response Marketer and worked for a couple of years before I got upgraded to a Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist (later on to Manager & Expert). With more than 4.5 Years of Experience, I faced numerous challenges that helped me to grow into a CRO Expert. With things being changed from day to day, competing with one of the best experts in my field is a bit difficult but challenging at the same time. As a self-driven person, I am constantly upgrading my knowledge and delivering excellent results day by day.


Straight to the Point

I’ll try my best to share with you the tactics and strategies I’ve used in various A/B Tests performed by VWO, Optimizely, Adobe Target, Google Optimize and Convert. Utilizing different kinds of CRO perspectives that outperform the “usual” CRO methodology. Stay tuned.


You can contact me here if you have any questions, job proposals, or consulting proposals.

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